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Naveed Abbas Memon
Naveed Abbas Memon

Locality: Stockholm, Sweden
Job: Telecom / LTE professional
Organizations: Part of the Vision group which engineers ideas to make Blekinge Tekniska Högskola a sustainable campus. Active involvement in various Societies such as MiljöAktiva Studenter Karlskrona (Sustainable students Karlskrona), Blekinge kårspex (Blekinge Drama society), Projekt Sex (Project Safe sex ), Student Pub team
Education:  Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (Electrical engineering, M.Sc), Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (Business Administration, MBA), Sirsyed univeristy (Electronic engineering, B.S)
Status: Seeking employment
Language: English (First language), Swedish (Good knowledge)
Experience:   (Telecom / LTE professional), CMPak - Zong, China mobile (Formley Millicom international cellular- Paktel),  (Technical Officer), Orascom - EPTSC (Regional Teamlead/BSS Radio Engineer)
Wants: # # # # # # # Feel free to invite me to join your network, do let me know if i can be of any assistance to you in any regards # # # # # #
Haves: An young professional on the quest to lead and acquire knowledge. Self motivated social entrepreneur fueled with never ending charisma, adept at coping and dealing with high pressure environments. Expertise in planning, design, deploy, commission, integration, operation and optimization of telecom networks including: Currently training myself with the knowledge of tomorrow: LTE, HSPA, WiMAX
Interests: Technology, Gadgets, Watches, Clothes, Cooking, Origami, Photography, Telepathy, Human Psychology

Naveed Memon
Naveed Memon

Locality: Hyderabad, Pakistan
Job: CTO


Naveed Abbas Memon (
Naveed Abbas Memon (

Location: Stockholm Area, Sweden
Industry: Telecommunications
Current: System Configuration Engineer at Polystar OSIX AB
Past: Technical assistant at Blekinge Tekniska Hgskola (BTH), Karlskrona Sweden Wireless engineer at China Mobile Radio Engineer at Orascom Telecom Technical Knowledge engineer at Etilize Technical Consultant at Clicker Computers Field Researcher at Sir Syed University Intern, Computer-networking laboratory at Sir Syed University Teaching Assistant, Electronic Engineering Department at Sir Syed University see less... 5 more...
Education: Blekinge Tekniska Hgskola Blekinge Tekniska Hgskola Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology DHA Degree College Beaconhouse School System see less... 2 more...

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